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Kathy MacKenzie was born in Michigan and started playing piano around
the age of 2. At age 5 she got serious, and starting taking piano lessons.
During her youth she participated in numerous musical ensembles and solo
performances and received multiple awards. Kathy continued with her
training throughout her college career. Although, by the time she was 18,
she had already begun teaching others how to play the piano.

Over the years Kathy began composing music. Two of her piano
compositions were selected as soundtracks, one for a television show in the
90s and one for a short film in the early 2000's. She's also given live
performances in the "Live Music Capital of the World" - Austin, Texas.
Kathy's attention to detail and strong communication skills allow for
dynamic one-on-one experiences for her students. Since 1977, Kathy
has taught piano to both children and adults. She gets to know her
pupils, building on their natural talents and nurtures and encourages
each student to optimize his/her unique musical excursion. Over time,
the students obtain a deep understanding of music which brings them
a lifelong enjoyment of playing the piano for themselves and/or for
others. It's a talent that never goes away.
Over 50 years have passed since Kathy first sat down at the piano, and
still loves playing just as much.
"I lose track of time when I sit down to
play. I get lost in the music, the mood, the feelings, the thoughts as my
fingers travel across the keyboard. The greatest gift I ever received was
learning how to read music and play piano. It brings me joy like nothing
else and I feel blessed to be able to share that joy with others through
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