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With the right attitude and dedication, anyone
can master the piano!
Whether you are 5 or 95,
Kathy MacKenzie takes you from beginner to
intermediate level.

Playing the piano improves your life!
  • Self Discipline
  • Confidence
  • Concentration
  • Improved school grades
  • Patience
  • Perseverance
  • Joy of Success!

Using a proven process that is fun, yet challenging,
keeps students moving forward and even surprising
themselves with their accomplishments. The reward is a
lifetime enjoyment of playing piano.
Your training includes:
  • Individualized Instruction
  • Note/Sight Reading
  • Rhythm
  • Hand Placement
  • Scales
  • Chords
  • Techniques
  • Performance Skills
  • Personalized Homework
  • Tracking of Progress
  • Annual Piano Recital
Annual Recital
Each June, just before summer break, invite your friends
and family members to your recital so you can show off
what you've learned to an adoring audience!
Become a composer!
Advanced beginner students are also eligible for theory
lessons and ear training giving you the tools necessary
to create your own piano scores!
Your instructor, Kathy MacKenzie, is an
award-winning pianist who started studying music at
the ripe age of 5 and has studied, practiced and
performed ever since. She began teaching others
how to play the piano four decades ago. Now it's your
turn to learn!
What are the lessons like?
Each weekly lesson is a step-by-step process with
specific goals and objectives. Using scales, finger
strengthening exercises and memorization; students
gain a solid understanding of music.

Once the fundamentals are established, students learn
to play from a vast collection of musical pieces and
genres including classical, jazz, pop and rock-n-roll.
That's when the music really comes alive!
Piano Training at Affordable Monthly Prices
  • 30-minutes weekly
  • $154 per month due on 1st of each month
  • No Lessons: December or July

For current time slot availabilities or questions, please complete
the contact form.
Now accepting BEGINNER level
students of all ages!

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Schedule piano lessons!
***Cancellation Policy***
Because learning piano is a long-term commitment that requires consistent and regular lessons, it is highly
encouraged there be no cancellations. Not only does it hurt you (or your child's) progress, but the time has been
specifically set aside for you, preventing other students from receiving piano training. Our cancellation / refund
policy is outlined below:

  • More than 48 hours notice of cancellation (text, call or email): receive refund - 2 occurrences maximum
  • Less than 48 hours notice of cancellation: no refund
  • No notice of cancellation: no refund and may result in being dropped as student
If there have been more than 3 cancellations within a 6 month time period, the student will be dropped.*
*Special consideration for certain circumstances will be considered prior to removal from student roster.