10 AM November 13, 2013

"New Book Release by Bonny Brookes"

Bonny Brookes, Lago Vista author, announces the release of her new book, Linked Lives.  This poignant story is now available on
Amazon and has already earned a 5-Star rating!

This is the kind of book that leaves readers feeling better for having read it.

Most people will easily relate to this riveting memoir (available in paperback or Kindle). Anyone who's ever had a friend who knew their
secrets, a friend they could pick up the conversation from wherever they'd left off—whether it'd been a day or a decade—since last they
spoke will thoroughly enjoy this unique story. As readers go on a 40-year journey with two women, seeing the relationship develop as Lori
and Bonny encounter incredible adversity, poverty, family struggles, losses from illness and death, and betrayals in love while the world
dramatically changes around them, readers can't help but to think about how their own 'links' to friends have affected their lives. Linked
Lives is one of those stories that touch the heart and soul and won't be forgotten.

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January 6, 2014

"Lago Vista Author Publishes Book"
Linked Lives: A memoir of an extraordinary 40-year friendship

The theme song from the 1980s Golden Girls TV sitcom says it best: Thank you for being a friend, traveling down the road of life and
back again. "Good friends are like sipping a glass of red wine daily: they make our lives more enjoyable, improve our health and keep
us sane!" says Bonny Brookes, author of Linked Lives (Wizard of Words). All women know there's a special bond between girlfriends:
those women we can always depend on.

Brookes' book, Linked Lives, tells the true story of how the friendship between two women helps them survive many challenges. The
story illustrates the importance of close friends as confirmed repeatedly in studies. "In the quest for better health," Tara Parker-Pope
says in her April 20, 2009 article in the
New York Times, "Many people turn to doctors or herbal supplements, but they overlook a
powerful weapon that could help them fight illness and depression, speed recovery, slow aging and prolong life: their friends."
"What makes this [Brookes' Linked Lives] friendship even more special, says Faridan Nassozi of Readers' Favorite, "is how the two
[women] managed to remain so close while living thousands of miles apart, in an era before mobile phones and all the other forms of
modern communication technology now available. Brookes shows us that you do not need to be near someone to be there for them
when they need you."

According to Teodora Totorean of Readers' Favorite, "This story could be of any friendship and this is the powerful message of the
book. No matter what kind of life you have, if you have a Bonny-Lori kind of friendship in your life, you can conquer anything, from
illness, poverty or addition to achieve happiness and fulfillment." Totorean concludes, "Even though you might shed a tear or two along
the way, Brookes' story will also bring sheer joy to any reader."

If one is lucky enough to have a best friend, one is very fortunate indeed.

Linked Lives is available in paperback or kindle at Amazon. Visit for contact details, interview
requests, reviews and author bio.

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March 18,2014

"Linked Lives is now on the BEST SELLER display at BookPeople"

Bonny Brookes' book,
Linked Lives has been upgraded to the BEST SELLERS display
at BookPeople, located at 603 N. Lamar in Austin, Texas. BookPeople is one of the
best and largest independent bookstores in the US, according to a report from

Linked Lives is a memoir of a 40-year journey of two women who become best friends
and lean on each other through marriages, divorces, childbirths and deaths. Their
rock-solid friendship is a wonderful example of unconditional love. Readers are left
feeling better for having read this moving story along with an appreciation for their own
friendships. (ISBN: 9780966134216; Wizard of Words)

March 27, 2014

"Poignant Memoir, LINKED LIVES Wins International Book Award"

Wizard of Words is pleased to announce LINKED LIVES has won the Beverly Hills International Book Award in
the ‘relationship’ category. The judges’ comment: “The book, Linked Lives, truly embodies the excellence that
this award was created to celebrate, and we salute you and your fine work.”

March 31, 2014

"Fourth book store signs up to carry Bonny Brookes' books."

Calvary's Road Christian Books & Gifts in Marble Falls, Texas joins the growing list of independent book stores (BookPeople and Book
Woman in Austin; The BookShop in Marble Falls) carrying books by Bonny Brookes.

April 23, 2014

"Bonny Brookes interview appears in Lake Country Life supplement."

A publication of the Highland Lakes Newspaper group interviews and publishes
article about Bonny Brookes.

May 21, 2014

Wizard of Words is pleased to announce DARKEST DAWN has won the 2014 National Indie Excellence
Book Award for books about pregnancy and childbirth. This true heart-rending short story follows one
woman's journey through an unplanned pregnancy and giving her child up for adoption.

"Bonny Brookes has written another gut-wrenching story— this time about the hardest decision any
woman will ever make, and truly deserved this award." - Kelly Marshall, Author of The Radio Killers

July 15, 2014

Readers Favorite announced the finalists in its national book award contest. "Competition was fierce. Often
finalists were selected by extremely narrow margins and many great books could not be chosen," shares
Debra Gaynor, CEO of Readers Favorite." It was an extremely competitive year and selections were hard
earned." One of the finalists, Linked Lives, is a book about the relationship between best friends published by
Wizard of Words. Winners will be announced on September 1st.


Readers' Choice announces its 2014 international book award winners. LINKED LIVES is selected as the Honorary
Award winner under the category of "Relationships." Awards will be presented to the authors at a special reception
in November during the Miami Book Fair International.

January 25, 2016

Bonny Brookes is featured on The Author's Show - a radio program broadcast
worldwide using the Internet. Linda Thompson interviewed Bonny about her
award-winning novel, LINKED LIVES, and dives in deep. Listen to the interview
in its entirety now!
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Official Website
Bonny Brookes
Award-Winning American Novelist
The Author's Show - Jan. 25, 2016
Bonny named among TOP 50 Writers You Should Be Reading
This honor came as a result her appearance on The Authors Show. Brookes was chosen from a field of hundreds of authors through a
public voting process. Linked Lives is a deeply-moving insight into a 40-year friendship that leaves the reader feeling better for having
read it, along with the desire to keep their own friendships going strong.

"It is an honor," stated Ms. Brookes, "to be included in this year's "50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading". The fact that Linked Lives
has enriched the lives of readers by reminding them how important our friendships are to create a life well lived, increases the need for
recognition and publicity.  While I am excited to receive this recognition and very much appreciate it, I realize this is really only the the
beginning of my work to promote the book."