Words from the Author: This book was originally
going to be entitled
Lori's Dash, but after completing it, I
realized it wasn't just about Lori, but all the lives she'd
touched, and how their lives altered as a result of the

We all have friends, and because of that, we are linked to
each other, and our friendships affect the lives we lead.
Everyone can relate to this powerful story,
Linked Lives. I
hope you enjoy the story as much as I enjoyed writing it.
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Words from the Author: Throughout my lifetime, almost
everyone I know has had to face one or more hard decisions.
Some people crumble, some act quickly, others wait until the
decision is made for them. Whatever their reaction, it changed
their life.

This inspirational story, based on true events, is packed with
powerful emotions and extreme risks. It takes readers on a
gripping ride that stirs the heart and encourages the soul as
Linda relies on her faith and finds the courage to overcome
5-Star Rating!
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5-Star Rating!
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